Body brush REMINGTON BB1000 Reveal

Body brush REMINGTON BB1000 Reveal
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البائع: Walaa
67,500.00 (IQD)
Remington revolving BB1000 reveal body brush is a device that effortlessly gives you silky smooth and soft skin. Cleansing and exfoliating rotating head, it will make your body delicate and radiant. The device is wireless and waterproof, making it a pleasure to use it in the shower.
Remington Reveal BB1000 brushes can be used both dry and wet. If you want to achieve the effect of extremely smooth skin, use a dry brush, and in order to get skin exfoliation, use a wet brush. Gently pressing the brush to the skin and making small, rotating movements makes the brush work without any effort.
Remington Reveal BB1000 is equipped with two heads that ideally prepare the skin for the use of a moisturizing cream or self-tanning cream. In order to achieve perfectly soft and smooth skin, both heads should be used regularly. A natural bristle brush is perfect for dry brushing, while a peeling brush in the shower.
The astonishing effect of a natural bristle brush makes the skin no longer dry and dull, and becomes surprisingly smooth and radiant. Using a brush with natural bristles improves skin color and also reduces cellulite. Thanks to it your skin will be full of energy. The best results can be achieved by using the brush in the morning, just before the shower.
By applying a scrub brush with shower gel, you will ensure gentle exfoliation and extremely deep cleansing of the skin.
Practical functions in the Remington Reveal BB1000
Remington Reveal BB1000 body brush works wirelessly, and the automatically adjustable speed with 2 speed settings ensures quick and effective care. Included with the body brush are two heads and a practical case.
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