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However you take your coffee, you’ll enjoy a richer, fuller flavour when it’s made in a Classic Cream Coffee Maker. It's design and finish is a sophisticated statement of style, plus it's packed with all the features you need to make great tasting coffee. Its filter process benefits from Advanced Showerhead technology for improved temperature and coffee extraction*. Instead of slowly dripping through, water showers all of the coffee grains, making sure that more of the coffee is used. As a result of this more of the coffee flavour ends up in your cup so you enjoy a richer, more rounded taste - and less waste. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, this advanced machine makes delicious coffee just how you like it.

Whether you're making coffee for yourself or for a host of people, it can make as many as 10 large cups at a time in its 1.25 litre glass carafe. A 1 cup scoop helps you to get the coffee quantities just right. The Classic Cream Coffee Maker is beautifully compact and stylish, adding a touch of style to contempary or traditional kitchens.