Infinix Hot 9 Play / 32GB

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Infinix Hot 9 Play 4GB/32GB

Large 6.82" screen - HD+ 1640x720 px resolution - Cinematic display - Helio A25 processor - 4GB RAM - 32 GB storage - Dual 13.3 MP rear cameras - 8 MP Selfie camera with flash - Fingerprint reader - Face unlocking - 6000 mAh battery - Android 10 (Q)

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One of the best models you're going to find right now. The mid-range of smartphones is in luck with the new Infinix Hot 9 Play 4GB/64GB, one of the best models you can find right now. With a high quality cinematic display, a powerful and stable processor, a selfie camera that will allow you to have the best Instagram account and that you will be able to use for a long time, it is a must have model! Read on to find out why.

Cinematic display to see everything in a big way

This is a model designed for you to enjoy your favorite movies and series. Thus, this model has a high quality cinematic disply, one of the best screens you will find today. In addition, this screen is huge, has a size of 6.82 " with a resolution HD + 1640x720 px, an incredible combination. This is one of the best screens you will find in the mid range, a must have. If you are looking for a screen that allows you to see everything in a big way, watch all your series and movies in a big way and with which you will be able to enjoy everything you like, it is spectacular!

A very powerful interior

If you are looking for a powerful, high quality model that allows you to use everything easily, you have come to the right place. This new phone from Infinix features an A25 Helio processor, a powerful processor that will give you everything you need to enjoy everything you love. It is capable of moving everything easily. Along with its 4GB of RAM and its 64GB storage capacity, one of the best combinations of the moment. You can always expand its storage thanks to its SD card slot, one of the best phones you will find!

Selfie camera with flash to enhance your Instagram account

In addition to the above, this smartphone will allow you to have one of the best social networking accounts. This terminal has a powerful front camera, an 8 MP sensor with flash that will allow you to take all kinds of pictures without any problem and show your whole world in a big way, both during the day and in darker lighting. This is a fascinating model for selfies lovers, who will be able to have unique social network accounts. It's incredible!

Dual rear camera

Its rear camera is also noteworthy, this model has an absolutely winning combination of rear cameras. It has a dual 13.3 MP rear camera, which will allow you to take pictures of your whole environment without any problem and in a big way. With its depth sensor these will be of even higher quality, giving you everything you need - a spectacular model!

Use it for days

One of the best models in terms of duration and safety. If we talk about the first one, this model has a fingerprint reader with face unlocking so you can be more secure while using your phone. It also has one of the largest batteries you will find at the moment with a capacity of 6000 mAh that will allow you to use it for days, a unique model