Remington CI6325 Pro Soft Curling iron

Remington CI6325 Pro Soft Curling iron
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كود المخزن: AL-WALA-P2-IQ-45-RE135-45
البائع: Walaa
54,756.00 (IQD)
Want the perfect tool for creating natural looking soft curls? Then look no further! The Pro Soft Curls Tong has anti static Ceramic coating for super-smooth hair and curls that really last. With variable heat settings, Remington puts you in control of the temperature so you can find the perfect heat setting for your hair type. Use lower heat settings for colored, bleached and fine hair; a mid range temperature for normal hair and the maximum heat setting for coarse, thicker and ethnic hair.
Curling iron heats up to a maximum of 220 ° C, so you can get great results and change your hairstyle unrecognizable
The LCD display with 10 temperature settings allows you to adjust the temperature to the type of hair. The Curling iron ensures a short warm-up time and is ready for operation after 30 seconds
The Remington CI6325 Curling iron is very safe to use. Its tip is made of a special non-conductive Material, additionally it has a safety stand that allows you to safely put away the hot Curler
The Curling iron is equipped with an automatic shut-off function, and after 60 minutes of operation It will turn itself Off