Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand

Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand
التوفر: 5 فى المخزن
كود المخزن: AL-WALA-P2-IQ-37-RE355-37
البائع: Walaa
85,500.00 (IQD)
The Silk ceramic conical wand for luxurious spiral curls – get ready to turn heads with Remington’s help.

Whether you want to create a professional looking finish or channel ‘just out of bed’ curls, you can achieve the desired effect without spending time and money in a salon.

The Remington Silk Curling Wand is part of the Silk collection of appliances that have been specially designed to help you to achieve professional style at home. Whatever your hair type, whatever its length, the Silk Wand will transform your tresses into a cascade of loose, silky curls or glamorous spiral curls. It has a ceramic coated barrel for even heat distribution and it comes with a heat resistant mitt protect your hands as you style and a mat to protect your surfaces.
Since launching, the wand concept has revolutionised hair styling but if you’ve never used one you might wonder how it works its magic. First of all, this appliance is hot, hot, hot, so always use the heat resistant glove. When you’re ready to style...
Press and hold the on button to switch on.
Start styling on a lower temperatures first – the thicker and trickier your hair is, the hotter the wand has to be
Select the right temperature for your hair using the controls on the side of the styler
Hold the handle and wrap a section of hair around the heated barrel
Wait about 10 seconds for your curl to form
Unwind the hair and release the curl
Let the hair cool before styling – dragging a comb through will pull out the wave
Repeat this around the head to create as many curls as desired
After use, press and hold the off button to turn off then unplug the appliance
It’s that easy! Don’t forget to let your wand cool down on a heat resistant surface.