Remington D3080W ProDry

Remington D3080W ProDry
التوفر: 5 فى المخزن
كود المخزن: AL-WALA-P2-IQ-62-RE273-62
البائع: Walaa
58,500.00 (IQD)
As the Remington D3080W Pro Dry blows thicker hair or manes, it also causes stress-related overheating reactions, in the worst case it melts or switches off. Otherwise you have to deal with a typical hair dryer in the lower price range: simple DC motor, average air flow, terminal points on the slide switch for the fan and heat regulation. The cold key must be pressed permanently and the fan / switch combinations are lean. While a well-graded temperature and fan management is now mandatory, the Remington leaves it in a combined heat / air circuit, which differs according to buyers in levels one and two hardly - in the temperature, and in the intensity of the air flow. However, if you define a usable hair dryer over the bare drying function, the Remington does not have to shy away from the comparison with other big brands.