Remington Dual Curl Curve CI63

Remington Dual Curl Curve CI63
التوفر: 5 فى المخزن
كود المخزن: AL-WALA-P2-IQ-44-RE199-44
البائع: Walaa
57,000.00 (IQD)
Remington's Dual Curl is the ideal device for women who want to curl their hair. This easy-to-use sweeper helps you effortlessly create loops thanks to the ingenious spiral guide.
The unique drum-size selector allows you to change its size instantly between 19mm and 31mm, especially for the hairstyle you want - tight or relaxed loops.
Thanks to the three temperature settings, this clever curl allows you to select the optimum temperature for your hair type or hairstyle. For thicker hair or for tighter curls, select the upper temperature (200 ° C), and for thinner hair or looser, natural-looking loops, use the average (180 ° C) or lower (160 ° C) temperature.
With this innovative curl, you'll be able to get perfect loops as a professional.
Creates two single-wave curve sizes thanks to the drum's size selector
19mm and 31mm drum for tight or relaxed loops
Spiral guide for easier curl
Drum with 4 x protection
3 temperature settings:
High - 200 ° C
Average - 180 ° C
Low - 160 ° C
Ready to use in 30 seconds
Cold tip
Indicator light ready for use
Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes
Storage pouch
Universal voltage
Swivel cable 1.8m