Russell Hobbs 20180 Liquid Filter Coffee Machine, Silver

Russell Hobbs 20180 Liquid Filter Coffee Machine, Silver
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There’s nothing quite like the intense aroma and flavour of freshly brewed coffee. The secret to making coffee just how you like it is getting the temperature and timing right. To take the guesswork out of setting selection, the Illumina Coffee Maker features a unique light strip which turns four colours to indicate different stages of flavour. Simply press the button and the Illumina light strip will tell you at a glance when your coffee is ready and at its optimum:

• Coffee brewing
• 0-15 minutes (best flavour)
• 15-30 minutes (good flavour)
• 30 minutes (flavour alert)

The Illumina Coffee Maker features advanced showerhead technology that liberally sprays water through all of the ground coffee, evenly and quickly, for better extraction of flavour. It reaches optimum brewing temperature 65%* faster and has a 1 hour ‘keep warm’ feature, switching off automatically after this time.